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Please click on the event names below for further information and eligibility. Schools and community groups will need to be logged in to register for Try Sail Days (TSDs).

July 2015

 01 Wednesday02 Thursday03 Friday04 Saturday05 Sunday
   Crew Training - Moksha (AM)
 Crew Training - Moksha (PM)
 Defibrillator Training (for all Volunteers) - Moksha
     CYCA Winter Series - Race 10 (Kayle)
06 Monday07 Tuesday08 Wednesday09 Thursday10 Friday11 Saturday12 Sunday
 Kayle - Sydney City Marine to CYC (EVENT FULL)   Crew Training - Kayle (AM)
 Crew Training - Kayle (PM)
 Crew Competency Assessment - Moksha
    Winds of Joy - Kayle (VOLUNTEERS FULL)  CYCA Winter Series (Ladies Race 3) - Kayle
13 Monday14 Tuesday15 Wednesday16 Thursday17 Friday18 Saturday19 Sunday
 Orientation/Information Session   Crew Training - Kayle (AM)
 Crew Training - Kayle (PM)
20 Monday21 Tuesday22 Wednesday23 Thursday24 Friday25 Saturday26 Sunday
    Crew Training - Kayle (AM)
 Crew Training - Kayle (PM)
    Hobart Training Race - Kayle 
27 Monday28 Tuesday29 Wednesday30 Thursday31 Friday 
    Crew Training - Sydney (AM)
 Crew Training - Sydney (PM)