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SWD Create Optimism

SWD is a not-for-profit organisation. We are Creators of Optimism.

We encourage people with a disability or those in difficult circumstances to see things a new way.

By showing what's possible, we challenge society’s perception of those facing disability or disadvantage.

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David Pescud's Story

Put yourself in David Pescud’s shoes in 1993. You’re 46. Thanks to your own hard work and despite profound dyslexia you’re financially bullet proof and able to retire and cruise the oceans.

So why do take a massive u-turn, create a non-profit organisation called Sailors with disABILITIES and volunteer the next 20+ years of your life working tirelessly for it?

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Get Involved

Want to join SWD and become a Creator of Optimism? There are heaps of ways to get involved.

If you want to come sailing read about our programs here - for those affected by disadvantage or disability sailing is free.

You can create optimism by volunteering, joining faceboat, entering our YACHT RAFFLE or by simply donating

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Last Chance to Win a Yacht and Support SWD

Last Chance! Win a Yacht for $100 Support SWD

This week is your LAST CHANCE to support SWD by entering the Windcraft Raffle.

Your $100 raffle ticket means 2 kids with disability get out sailing for a day.

And you never know you could win a Hanse 345 yacht ready to sail away with 12 months Club Marine insurance.

The proceeds from every ticket sold go straight to supporting SWD's programs. 

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