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SWD Create Optimism

SWD is a not-for-profit organisation. We are Creators of Optimism.

We encourage people with a disability or those in difficult circumstances to see things in a new way.

By showing what's possible, we challenge society’s perception of those facing disability or disadvantage.

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David Pescud's Story

Put yourself in David Pescud’s shoes in 1993. You’re 46. Thanks to your own hard work and despite profound dyslexia, you’re financially bulletproof and able to retire and cruise the oceans.

So why do take a massive u-turn, create a non-profit organisation called Sailors with disABILITIES, and volunteer the next 20+ years of your life working tirelessly for it?

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Get Involved

Want to join SWD and become a Creator of Optimism? There are heaps of ways to get involved.

If you want to come sailing read about our programs here. For those affected by disadvantage or disability, sailing is free.

You can create optimism by volunteering, joining faceboat, entering our faceboat contest or by simply donating

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SWD's First Crowdfunding Campaign Succeeds

As of today, our very first crowdfunding campaign, run through a partnership with Bendigo Bank's Let's Act initiative, has been successful! When we set out to fund a Try Sail Day to take a group of children out onto the harbour, we were hopeful that the generous support of our followers, fans and friends would be enough to reach our goal; we are thrilled that we exceeded that goal and have raised over 140% of our crowdfunding amount, meaning that we will recieve the pledged funds and we will have the chance to create new opportunities.

We wish to thank everyone who contributed, whether through making a donation or sharing information on our campaign. You are the true strength of SWD, and we can't overstate our appreciation!